Magkabilang Mundo (magkabilang shift)

Magkabilang Mundo

Pang-umaga na siya at pang-gabi ako. So paano na? — ‘nung sinabi niya yun, feeling ko okay lang. Trabaho kasi yun ee. Ayoko din ipakita sa kanyang malungkot ako kasi baka mas lalo pa siyang ma-BV. Pero ang daming tumakbo sa isip ko nun gaya ng mga sumusunod..

"Wala na akong kasabay pumasok." 

"Sino kasabay ko mag-lunch, mag-break at maghahatid sakin pauwi?"

"Pag nag-ATO ako, para saan pa?"

"Tulog ako, gising siya. Gising ako, tulog siya."

Pero naisip ko,ang selfish ko naman kung yun yung una kong iisipin. OA siguro sabihin na mahirap pero kasi yun yung totoo. Lalo na’t siya lang kasama ko. Wala naman na din akong ate Anne, ate Annie, o Julie na makakasama tuwing lunch o break. Nung nagkahiwalay kami nina ate Anne ng sched, mas lalo kong na-appreciate presence niya. Kasi mas naramdaman kong siya na lang naiwan kasama ko. After that, hindi ko na ulit naramdamang mag-isa ako. May negative effect man yun, kasi naging dependent ako sa kanya, pero MASAYA ako. Kaya ngayon, hindi ko alam how will I go a day without him around.Yung mga oras na naka-lunch, break at ATO na lang yung oras na nagkakasama kami; nakakapagkwentuhan,nagtatawanan. Tapos mawawala pa. 

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You’re the cutest thing, ever!

YB reading Sparkling mag PH hahah!~ <33

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since most of these are doubles of what i already have and because i want to give back to all my follwers, i decided to have a huge give away. there’s 24 albums you can maybe win if you participate!


1st row - SHINee 1st Mini album, SHINee Year of Us mini album, B2ST Fiction + Fact Limited Edition

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3rd row - SHINEE Romeo mini album, SHINee Hello album, SHINee Replay (Japanese) single. B2ST Fiction + Fact album Normal Edition, Super Junior Sorry Sorry

4th row - Dalmatian 1st mini album, B1A4 1st mini album, SNSD Japanese album, SNSD 1st album, SNSD Run Devil Run repackage album, G-Dragon Heartbreaker album

5th row - Big Bang Since 2007, Big Bang Remember, Big Bang Always, GD & TOP Vol. 1, Seungri - VVIP, Big Bang Special Edition

 now for the rules hehhh. 

- you must be following me, girlieguts, to participate in the giveaway since it’s for my followers. i’ll be checking.

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- keep your ask box open so i can tell you if you win!

- there will be three winners. the first number picked will get their choice of 8 albums. second number picked will get their choice of 8 albums. third number picked will get the last 8 albums left.

- winners will be chosen with a random number generator

- giveaway will last until august 30th so you have plenty of time to enter.

- i’ll ship internationally. all the albums will be wrapped in bubble wrap so they dont get damage.

- prizes will be shipped a week after the giveaway is over!

good luck! <3 (◡‿◡✿) if you have question come to my ask box  and ill answer them! <3

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How Am I Doing?

I MISS YOU TUMBLR!!! I can’t even remember when was the last time I wrote something. I used to be so sipag in making this online diary. I’ll randomly write as I go back to how my life has been. Spare me your understanding. There were tons of stories to tell about work, my personal life and my life as a kpop fan girl. Haha! And to be honest, I don’t even know where to start. I think I should blog more often and spend less time eating. SMH.. Anyhow…

Proud fan girl… 

As far as I remember, the last time I posted something here was like a month ago (I actually did peak) and it was about our fun, fun EK Sunday! There have been a lot of things that happened after that. Starting off with my Kpop life. Sine I’ve watched BigBang live, I can’t recall any other concerts (talking about KPOP concerts) that I missed the chance to watch. There was LMH fan meet in November ‘12, DKFC in January ‘13, 2PM in March ‘13 and the most recent was CN Blue in June ‘13. What can I say, I may not be a fan girl of all those, but my heart beats for KPop music. — CN Blue concert was fab. I felt like I was in a bar chillin’ and listening to their music. I didn’t scream as much as I did during the past concerts. TBH, I just can’t help to compare how the other fandoms support their group bias. The crowd during the concert day was, not really boring. But they weren’t as loud as the others. But no doubts, CN Blue’s music is just so versatile. It was from pop to love song to rock. I mean, who wouldn’t mind not listening to their great music. I’m not really familiar with their songs that’s why when I went to the concert,  I can’t say that I was fully prepared. I only know some such as Sorry, Intuition and… I CAN’T REMEMBER THE OTHERS (boooo me)lol! I didn’t get to meet new friends tho, but that was fine. Anyway I can’t relate to whoever they’ll be talking about CN Blue ‘cos I know nothing about them. Hahaha!~

Stressed OUT!…. 

I’m actually okay, but not really HAPPY like how I felt when I started in TP. There has been too much stress and pressure for the past months. Like in June, we had to transfer from one supervisor to a new one that I first I didn’t actually like.But I must say that boss Jana was one helluva guh-reat supervisor! She’s so considerate, gentle, caring, concerned, and she kept on motivating her agents. Team Jerry, Team Jeff & Team Jana, first three teams I have been to. Lol~ Amaziiiiiiiiiing. Aside from the fact we got distributed to different teams, day after we were distributed comes the news of my previous teammates termination due to ghost booking. Never did I thought that they’ll do such thing for money. I’ve turned 6th months in TP last June 27, 2013~ Hooooray! Then recently, there was reshuffling again that happened to HCOM. They reshuffled all the agents because they said that it was no longer working. The next thing was mi boss Jerry got transferred from night shift to morning shift. But the biggest switch was that 1st Wednesday morning of July, zi bos decided to switch the HCOM sups to EAN and vv. So it’s new teammates and ALL NEW sups. We were all puzzled with what happened. But then again, no one can do anything about it because “he”is the boss and we’re just employees. They’ve done such changes because they thought that the set up we used to have is no longer effective. I was thinking, they kept on thinking the the problem is coming from the agents and sup…Have they ever thought that maybe it was the management or maybe the system that they have?I mean why don’t they be accountable for what’s happening. They’ve been reminding us about accountability, yet the ones in higher position doesn’t seem to practice it. Pff.. I’ve been part of TP less than a year, but I have been to 4 different teams and had 5 supervisors. Hahah~ Then again, I CAN’T DO ANYTHING. Too much stress at work recently. But I won’t quit. I love my job, and the people I’m with at work. Seriously ♥ I’m blessed to be where I work right now. THANK YOU LORD!!~ 

Getting a little personal…

I’ve been catching up a lot with my friends.. Im so happy that Noleen and Inah are now happily working! Hooray!~~ I’m missing them tho. Relationship status: Falling in love… I think I am. But I’m still confused. Maybe SCARED. I really don’t know. But I know I’m happy. Been bragging about my friends how great the “guy” is. They all agreed! All I heard from my friends were all positive things. So proud! I never felt so alone ‘cause he always wanted to be with me. I feel how genuine he is and how true his love is. Every time I’m with him, I never had to pretend to be so girly or dress up just to impress. I’m always myself much more with him yet he still loves me. I don’t get so embarrassed as often as I do when you like someone. He made me realize it’s okay to be not-so pretty sometimes or be embarrassed with my minor mistakes. Most of all, he made me realize that it’s better to be me than someone that I’m really not. I was never scared that he’ll see the real me and might get turned-off of me. It feels good pala to have someone loving you genuinely~ He’s such an angel!I know that God sent Him over because I’ve been asking Him about it.It’s almost 4 months now but he still is patiently waiting. I am too… in God’t time! I believe in His time and His signals~~ I finally felt I have all-in-one.. bestfriend, the “other” friend, my own supervisor, confidant, my pillow, my KA-CHIKAHAN, my buddy wherever I go.. my sweetest angel! ♥ He listens to me (tho sometimes he fail to acknowledge what I am/was I saying), he understands me, he makes me laugh,he makes me irritated easily, he’s so patient with me. Ghaaaad, I can’t tell how great of a guy he is! Despite the age gap. I remember what I said when I was in college. Well, I’m wrong. Heeeeeee!~ God knows how grateful I am for giving me such a great guy who still waits. 

Nothing to say… but Lord, thank You for being so great and amazing! Thank You for giving me the things and people I have right now. I pray that they may always be safe and feel happy and loved and healthy too! I’m LOVING life!

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Extreme. Exciting. Enchanting. ENCHANTED KINGDOM!

About a week ago, we spent time together to release all the stress and exhaustion from work.Technically, it was the first time we’ve gone out. I’ve always wanted to go back to that amusement park since every time I do, I don’t get to ride the fun rides! Ikr!~ Finally, I get to feel the EKSTREME adrenaline! 


First rode this! FLYING FIESTA! It was nice because it was really hot. At least nakapagpalamig somewhat. 


And I can’t miss the Anchors Away (which according to Julie is ANCHORS and AWAY) Ikr, I was with pretty ladies in that ride. Though ate Anne didn’t come. 




We had ourselves wet with this ride! Yup, wet that early! Talked about “NR” during the ride. But the funny thing is that Drew can’t do the NO REACTION pose. He was screaming. Hahaha! Funny lil Drew! Can’t keep up with the Log Jam? Nah, kidding. When we got off, we felt bad and kinda regret doing the log jam early. We were soaking wet (talkin’ about me and Ate Anne). But when Julie and her cousin’s go off, seeing Bianca made me feel lucky after all. Lol!That kid!


We, of course, wouldn’t miss this! It as been the main thing in EK since then. Not ‘til another killer has come! Later I’ll let you know. But seriously, this was funny. Seeing Ate Anne, Boss Jerry and Drew’s faces were so funny to me. Three of them were screaming and I was laughing at them. Oo, ako na matapang. Lol! And I even saw and noticed something between Drew and Ate Anne since they were seatmates. Hahahahahaha! I can’t forget that moment. — Too bad didn’t see Julie’s reaction. But one thing I can’t forget.. boss grabbed my hand and then I thought he can keep up with the Space Shuttle without having both of his hands on the handle. Lol~Then I felt like he wanted to let go, but I wasn’t letting go. He had no option. I seriously did that intentionally. Hahah! There reaction after the ride… EPIC!



Up, Up and Away was the next ride we had after a heavy meal!~ Haha! But fortunately, no one threw up! Up top you guys! But the guys we’re with didn’t come. CHICKEN :))) 


Julie so scared. Funny how this picture come up to! Lol!~



Disc-OMagic, one of the newest thing in EK!It looks like it would make you dizzy, but seriously, it would. Lol! Only for the first 20 seconds after the ride. After that it’s fine! Loved it!


Mi self with these little ones!~It’s Julie’s cousins, FYI. The rest of the gang didn’t attempt to ride. I dunno, perhaps, they’re KJ! Hahaha! Nah.. But seriously, younger ones are much more of a “thrill-seeker” than y’know. Haha! Di masyado nagkakalayo age gap namin e.


THIS. IS. THE. KILLER.~ Yup! We went for it! I’m a proud SURVIVOR! I’ve been eye-ing on this ever since I saw this before. Been wanting to ride that since it seemed like so scary and all that. — So when I had the chance to,I did. I didn’t have any 2nd thoughts. But the rest of the group even had 3rd, 4th to 5th thoughts. Hahahaha!~ Their faces going in line was epic.I mean, you’ll see how scared they are. I didn’t force them to ride tho.


Us after the ride! ADRENALINE! Haha! I can still remember how things go before this shot. It was the only ride that made me shake after. Ghaaaad! The moment you hear that sound, the next thing you know, you’re down there already.My butt didn’t feel the chair anymore. Now I know how it feels like to free-fall. So I won’t anymore. Hahaha! But I must say, this is the MAIN THING that you have to experience! I’ll definitely be back for you Mr. Killer! Moving forward to the finale…


Before the ride!~ We’re ready to get wet!! \m/

The ”madungis” us after the ride. It doesn’t seem like we’re wet. But believe me, we were. Especially ate Anne. Lol! You can’t make a mistake of riding Rio Grande first. And yup,you definitely have to bring clothes with you. Hahaha! Splash here, there.. everywhere. Boss Jerry just got lucky he didn’t get wet. Hahaha! I pity Drew and Ate Anne tho :bd Oh well, papel…It was done and it was extremely FUN!

The wet-est of us all! Hahaha!~ Kawawa pose.

WARNING: Vanity ahead… More photos during EK.

Left to right: Andrew, Me, Ate Anne, Boss Jerry, Julie, Indi & Bianc

All girls photo…LMAO.

They’re friends. No. Seriously, they are!

Fresh… LOL!

My super comfy OOTD!~ Plus the mess. Hahahaha!

Thou-shall-not-smile pose. Lame… 

Friends. Office mates. FAMILY. 


We were having fun! ♥♥

The swans…. 

— At first, I wasn’t enjoying. Nope, not at all. Reason? Because there were more “yosi breaks” rather than enjoying the rides. Plus, it didn’t really feel like we were out as friends. It seemed like we were on a group date ‘cause they kept on pairing. G-R-R-R. I’m not use to it.I’m more like of I-couldn’t-careless kind of a person especially when it comes this. I find it being too cheesy around. Hahaha! Fudgeee. But seriously, I felt that way. I kinda felt awkward for quite a while. Even thought of going to EK again with friends so I would enjoy. I enjoyed mi loves’ company…but the ambiance felt different. Good thing I had gone to EKSTREME!~ I think I left all the bv I felt up in the air. I felt so good afterwards. Hahaha! I felt fun and enjoyment that can make me say IT WAS A BLASTFUL EK DAY!~ 

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I haven’t been posting some blogs lately which I don’t normally do before. If you back track my blog, you’ll notice how often I post blog/s. I regularly writ  things down and share it whenever I’m extremely happy or extremely sad/ upset. People would know what’s going on with my life. But ever since I began working with Teleperformance, I think they ate all my time. I can’t even do hardcore spazzing. Not that they are really taking it away from me. It’s more like, Im-happy-right-now-so-why-post kind of feeling. TBH, I miss posting and writing about how my life is. Didn’t have intentions of becoming a Tumblr Famous. I always end up ranting and sharing thru my Tumblr and Twitter since those two are kind of private. I only have few people who knows me here and in Twitter, so less percentage of people who can hear me out. — I like keeping things to myself most of the time. But whenever I can’t handle it, just before I explode, I write it down then I’ll feel better. It’s like a medicine to me! We all know that our friends have their own bad-day, and problems too. So I try to bother them once, if t doesn’t work, I’ll go straight to my Twitter and Tumblr. Teehee! Works every time! 

Gotta get some sleep now! Back to reality tomorrow (work). I’ll post something tomorrow! :) Goodnight everyone! God bless! 

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I just find this super adorable!! 

I just find this super adorable!! 

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Girlfriends FOREVER♥

Finally after unknown number of months, we’ve finally see each other! We’ve planned couple of times and it didn’t push through. The last time I can recall I was with Margarette was last year, and it was April too! I freakin’ missed this little fella! 


Anne Margarette Kadano Moral, belated happy birthday! 

Now here’s Noleen.. It wasn’t that long when we last hanged out. It was January during Les Miserables days. We get to hang out because whenever she’s too stressed with school, she gives us a call and so we unwind with her. 



Noleen Marie Sioco Ramos. Master Crammer/ Ms. Cum Laude! 

Now my hommie, Leslie, I really can’t recall when was the last time I saw her! Hmm… I think it was during my 18th birthday or her 18th birthday was the last time I saw her. It’s been years. 


Leslie Batul-Batul Honorio , ISKOLAR <3

There’s one more that’s missing… Roselyn. We missed her. She wasn’t able to come with us for such reason na nagkaproblema daw. Yea, she seemed problematic with her tweets, it’s noticeable. But we we’re kinda tampo because we’re her friends. If she weeps, we do too! We don’t want to let her feel that she’s alone when she have such fab girlfriends! :)) But seriously. Anyway, I’m looking forward another girl-bonding with them on the 27th. Going to watch Ironman 3! Oh yeah! I just can’ wait! I wanna fast forward the days ‘til the 27th and pause. 

WARNING: Vanity approaching.. 











It’s really different when I’m with them. Sabi nga ni Noleen, iba daw ang dynamics namin when we’re together and whenever we’re with our friends in college (or workmates, for me) which so true! That’s one thing that I also noticed. I’m glad and comfy with my officemates din. But there are things kasi na you choose not to do or not show kasi iba talaga. I mean, it doesn’t come naturally. It’s a different “you” depending on the people you’re with. With my fave gurls naman kasi, it’s like I grew up with them. They were there when I was “growing up”, and so am I when they we’re growing. It’s like they helped you build yourself, who are and what you are. Unlike after HS, when you get out of your comfort zone, you’re a one whole person. Kaya iba talaga dynamics. Oh well, I am thankful to God that I am given by these great friends. Yes, they do have flaws, but that what makes them PERFECT. It’s like we’re meant to be friends with one another. I’m proud with the friendship we have. I’m proud that we’re like this. Yes, we’re not getting any younger, but whenever I get to be with them, I know I can be whoever I wanna be. And I know that at the end of the day, I still have them as my friends! I may have a lot of friends around me, but you can never tell who pretends to be one. But I can definitely tell, that my fave girls aren’t pretending. Nope, they aren’t! I DO KNOW IT. 

I’d rather have no friends than fake friends.But again, thank God that I don’t have to be alone because of them! I love you girls! I love you to bits! Thank you for making me feel good by just getting to chika with you!


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